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Bad Boy Mowers


We pack more in our zero turn mowers so you can get more out of them. It doesn't matter if you choose our commercial or residential models, every Bad Boy Mower shares the same heavy-duty, last-a-lifetime construction. Our reputation rests on our all-steel 'heavier-duty than they have to be' cut and welded rails. And before any mower leaves our plant, we give it a spin for quality first with our 112 point factory inspection. It takes longer to build a mower like ours than to stamp one out, but it's the only way to guarantee that we won't just out-mow the competition, we'll outlast it as well.


It takes a lot of ingenuity to keep a mower this easy to maintain. Every part is within easy reach for servicing and clean-up. And since we couldn't think of a worse environment you'd want to put overly sensitive electronics, gadgets, gimmicks and doohickeys than a commercial lawn cutting environment, you won't find any of it on a Bad Boy. What you will find are innovations in cut quality, comfort and power. Even under the toughest mowing conditions, a Bad Boy Mower will perform better, keep you more comfortable for longer and last for more seasons — providing an even greater value over time. It's not complicated to understand why we're the fastest growing zero turn mower company on the planet — we’re simply a better built mower.

Every Bad Boy Mowers goes through a 112 point factory inspection

POWERED TO PERFORM. High performance has been a day-one feature of Bad Boy Mowers. With the best manufacturer line-up of engine options across our entire mower line up, we carefully select each power plant and Hydro-Gear® drive system to produce the absolute best and highest output.

Better Belts And Pulleys are at the heart of all our mowers

BETTER BELTS AND PULLEYS at the heart of all the action maintain cut quality, even when powering through wet, thick or tall grass. Driving our heavy-duty, self-lubricated and maintenance-free spindles, you’re all set to grind out a great cut — season after season.

Maintain A Comfortable Advantage with our best in class seats

MAINTAIN A COMFORTABLE ADVANTAGE with our best in class seats. Most models feature high-back seat support and arm rests that are adjustable front to back for the perfect fit. You can be sure there’s not a more comfortable way to harness the power of your Bad Boy Mower.

DECK-DIAL CUTTING HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT.Changing mower cutting height is as easy as pushing the foot pedal and twisting the knob to your desired height. Works in combination with electric-deck lift models also.

Legendary Deck Strength Is What We're Known For

LEGENDARY DECK STRENGTH IS WHAT WE’RE KNOWN FOR. With its un matched strength and solid all-welded 1/4˝ steel construction as a start, we weld an additional 1/4˝skirt along the leading edge. Our sloped front edge adapts to any kind of grass or conditions and the deep 5.5˝ depth and improved baffling system create more lift for greater discharge and cleaner cut. It blows all other mower decks away.


We’ve re-designed our Outlaw Class of professional-grade zero-turn mowers literally from the turf up. And while they may not look anything like their predecessors, you can be sure they’re built on the reputation of our legendary history of building the strongest, most powerful, most comfortable and best performing mowers on the planet. As much as we’ve improved every nook and cranny of these mowers, the only thing that remains completely unchanged is their incredible long-lasting value-to-performance ratio.

From concept to creation, we’ve set out — as we always do — to build the very best zero-turn mower available. We’re confident these new Outlaw models will exceed your every expectation. Because that was our goal right from the drawing board.

We’ve re-designed our Outlaw Class of professional-grade zero-turn mowers literally from the turf up


NEW SLOPED FRONT EDGE DECK DESIGN Known for our legendary deck strength, we’ve upped the bar with a ¼˝ thick deck with 3/8˝ thick sides. The new sloped nose features a front chamber that allows the grass to stand upright before coming into contact with the cutting blades for a more efficient, precise cut. Anti-scalping wheels are double bracketed and even stronger. AVAILABLE ON ALL NEW OUTLAW MODELS

This automotive inspired dual pump belt system with our new tensioner design will provide a belt life up to 50% longer

AGGRESSIVELY STYLED, LARGER CAPACITY DUAL FUEL TANKS Our mowers look just as good as they mow, and like every other part of a Bad Boy Mower, there’s more than just good looks behind the design. The tanks now hold up to 13 gallons of fuel (depending on mower model) for all day performance. AVAILABLE ON RENEGADE, ROGUE AND REBEL

We’ve simplified oil changes by combining our hydraulic reservoirs with an easily replaceable filter


NEW COMFORT SEATS ACROSS THE LINE Available on our Renegade (and an upgrade for other models) our top-of-the-line Suspension Seat is fully adjustable to operator weight, height and has variable rate suspension, lumbar support and back angle adjustments from 5° to 15°. Exciting new and improved seat options are also new for the Rogue and Rebel. AVAILABLE ON RENEGADE, ROGUE AND REBEL

All New Keyless Start and Digital Display

KEY-LESS START AND DIGITAL DISPLAY The new Renegade can be started without a turn of a key. With the key FOB inserted, simply push the button and you’re off! The digital display provides diagnostics on the health of the machine and how much cutting time separate from how much overall running time the mower has on it. AVAILABLE ON RENEGADE GASOLINE


From the very beginning, large landowners and homeowners have recognized the incredible value for the build quality we’ve become known for. Built and assembled right along side their commercial-grade kin, we’ve stepped up the bar for all other mower manufacturers by bringing down innovations previously found only on commercial-grade mowers.

Because of our success in breaking price barriers for this class of residential mowers, we’re squeezing even more costs out by standardizing design components across the entire lineup, including the frame and upgrades in power, comfort and cut quality.

Our commitment will continue to be to build the very best value for the demanding homeowner by delivering more and more seasons of ownership. Because at Bad Boy Mowers, we believe — no matter the price or model — everyone deserves a better finish cut.

Compare us pound-for-pound, price-for-price, and you’ll find yourself ‘Mowing with an Attitude.’

We re-framed the whole homeowner class zero-turn mower industry with our lowerprofile frame and curved front rail, creating improved stability with a lower center of gravity

A COMMON FRAME FOR UNCOMMON STRENGTH We re-framed the whole homeowner class zero-turn mower industry with our lowerprofile frame and curved front rail, creating improved stability with a lower center of gravity. The new, wider stance provides better traction. Built with heavy-gauge 2˝ x 2˝ steel rails — all welded and fabricated, never bolted together — the same way our legendary commercial mowers have always been built.



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